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We love Xtreme Bar Bingo! It’s super easy to play and Xtremely simple to setup. Our customers love this game and we love that we can use it to bring in new customers as well. We have been hosting Xtreme Bar Bingo for 4 years now and have never been disappointed. The jackpots are generous and the graphics are beautiful. This is a great game with a wonderful company behind it. This is not your grandma’s bingo!

Todd & Melissa

Turtle Creek Pub & Grill

I’ve been using Xtreme Bar Bingo for 3 years and it has been a great experience. The staff is always so kind, and they even have a tech support number you can call and they will help you if you have any questions. The ideas for the bingo games are so creative and our customers love playing. This is a wonderful product for any bar that is looking to bring in more customers. I highly recommend it!


American Tap Pub & Eatery

I love this game because it is great for bar customers. There are always new prizes to win and our customers always have a great time playing. I have seen our sales increase with Xtreme and I highly recommend it to any bar or restaurant. We have had customers win TVs and other deluxe prize giveaways.


The Hive

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