Whoa! Seven THOUSAND Dollars?????

by | Sep 21st 2022 | Jackpot

Whoa! Seven THOUSAND Dollars?????

September 21, 2022

Our Xtreme Jackpot is currently at $7,000! If you are hoping to win the Xtreme Jackpot, be sure to play regularly at your favorite Xtreme Bar Bingo location!

Been to several places I had never been to before to play bingo and get food. Have had a great time and a good meal at every place so far. Going again tonight to a new place. I actually won a bar prize my first night. Bingos free to play and I encourage anyone to support where you attend by getting food or drinks but its not required. Thanks Xtreme bar bingo. Encourages me to get out!!!

Literally the best experience of my life. Our family and friends cant wait to go back!! The staff is a hoot and extremely nice!!!

Best bar event I have ever been to, would recommend 10/10.

It was my first time going to one of these. I actually went to the wrong vfw hall. I went to the caseyville vfw because I thought that was the only one in collinsville. Well I found the right vfw in collinsville and I even won a game… it was alot of fun just wish there were more games than just nine…. I will be back though… vfw in collinsville on tuesday night… Had a blast..