Introducing a new game 3, Chase The ACE!

An exciting new game 3 that will bring large cash prizes!

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Get ready to play!

Introducing Chase the Ace at Xtreme Bar Bingo!  It’s Game 3, where winners have a shot at picking a card from the board.  The board features 54 numbers resembling playing cards, including jokers. Each week, we’ll draw a name and the winner gets $100, unless an Ace is revealed. If the winner’s card shows an Ace, they can win $250, $500, or $750. The jackpot goes to the lucky winner when the last Ace is drawn. Join the excitement and play Chase the Ace for thrilling prizes!

Our last drawing was on 2/1

Winner: Sarah Whitebread

Location: Copper Cow

Current Jackpot – $17,500

Card Revealed – Queen of Diamonds

How Players Can Win!

Our Jackpot will start at $500, and increase $500 each week until it is hit! Players will win $100 if their name is drawn and will have a chance to win more.

  • 1st Ace pays $250
  • 2nd Ace pays $500
  • 3rd Ace pays $750
  • 4th Ace wins the Jackpot!