Turn your slowest night into your busiest night

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WE make YOUR VENUE Xtreme

  • Increase Sales: Average 20% more per table with 9 rounds of crowd engaging bingo.
  • Draw a Crowd: Hosting bingo gives customers a destination for their nightly outings.
  • Bingo Every Week: Weekly scheduled bingo games encourage repeat visits. Our progressive jackpot increases each week until its hit!

Increase Bar Sales

Draw bigger crowds

Gain weekly regulars

What’s included

Laptop & Bingo Software

Speaker & Microphone


promo material

virtual training & tech support

bingo cards & Daubers

prizes & jackpots

We are proud to offer Xtreme Bar Bingo in over 200 locations in 8 states, and we want to continue expanding! Find contact information for your state’s Xtreme Bar Bingo representative below. If your state is not represented and you would like to host Xtreme Bar Bingo, please let us know!

Xtreme Bar Bingo is currently in 8 states!

Don’t see your state? Contact us to see what we can do!

Todd Korves